Test your code on anonymized Production data

Give developers the ability to self-serve anonymized and synthetic data for local development

Developers deserve better than mock data
Anonymized production data allows developers to safely and locally test their code against production data. This enables them to find more edge cases, write more resilient code and catch more bugs before production.
Test against edge cases locally
Built-in orchestration across environments
Hydrate a local database using our CLI
Designed and Built for Developers
Neosync's APIs, SDKs and CLI help developers easily integrate their local and staging environments with safe, production-like data.
2  schedule = "0 23 * * *"
3  haltOnNewColAdd = True
4  jobRes, err = jobclient.CreateJob(ctx, connect.NewRequest({
5      'AccountId': accountId,
6      'JobName': 'prod-to-stage',
7      'ConnectionSourceId': prodDbResp['Msg']['Connection']['Id'],
8      'DestinationSourceIds': [
9          stageDbResp['Msg']['Connection']['Id'],
10          s3Resp['Msg']['Connection']['Id'],
11      ],
12      'CronSchedule': schedule,
13      'HaltOnNewColumnAddition': haltOnNewColAdd,
14      'Mappings': [
15          {
16              'Schema': 'public',
17              'Table': 'users',
18              'Column': 'account_number',
19              'Transformer': JobMappingTransformer.custom_account_number,
20          },
21          {
22              'Schema': 'public',
23              'Table': 'users',
24              'Column': 'address',
25              'Transformer': JobMappingTransformer.address_anonymize,
26          },
27      ],
28  }))
29  if err:
30      raise Exception(err)
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Hydrate a local database with privacy-safe data
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Generate Synthetic Data
Choose from 40+ pre-built Synthetic Data Transformers.
Anonymize Sensitive Data
Mask, redact, scramble or obfuscate sensitive data in code.
Full Referential Integrity
Neosync automatically handles Primary keys, Foreign keys, Unique constraints, Circular dependencies and more. Perfectly preserving your data's referential integrity every time.
Reliable Orchestration
Sync to multiple destinations. Full control over scheduling, retries, back-offs, timeouts and multiple destinations.
Powerful Subsetting
Subset your database by schema, table, column or a custom SQL query. Neosync automatically handles referential integrity.
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