Neosync May Product Monthly Update

Neosync May Product Monthly Update


We're back with another set of brand new features from May! Here's what's new to Neosync:

AI Generated Synthetic Data


Neosync now supports generating synthetic data using an LLM integration! Check out this guide for more information.

Support for Postgres Client Certs


You can now upload client certs when you create your Postgres connection for a more secure connection.

More Searching


Subsets and Transformers are now searchable making it easier to find what you're looking for.

Root labels


The subset page now displays root labels on all tables that have children foreign key references to make it easier to know which tables to subset.

Invalid Email Handling


We've exposed an option in the email transformer that allows you determine how you want to handle invalid email addresses from the source database.

Float64 Precision


You can now set the precision for the float64 transformer to have more control over the data that is generated.

JSONB subset support

You can now include JSONB columns in your subsetting queries and they will subset accordingly.

Support for Generated Columns

Neosync now supports generated columns within the Transformer Mapping page!

These are the highlights but of course there were many other refinements, enhancements and bugs fixed.

Hot off the Press

Here's some news and articles that we found interesting this month:

  1. Ticket master was hacked for 560M records! Brutal.
  2. Related to the Ticket Master hack, Santander Bank was hacked for 30M records.
  3. Google's head of Data Privacy is leaving after 13 years.
  4. How can healthcare use synthetic data?
  5. DeepSeek-prover, an automated theorem proving LLM uses synthetic data to gain a boost.

Meme of the month

"If you come back, you can work remote, not talk to any PMs, never have to log a ticket in JIRA again and you'll report to the CTO"


Helpful Resources

Some helpful links to have handy:

  1. Try Neosync for free!- an easy way to get started with Neosync Cloud.
  2. Github for open source Neosync.
  3. Documentation for how to get started + everything else.
  4. Discord for any questions about Neosync, synthetic data or to just chat with us.

Thanks for reading and see you in July!

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